Why choose Athens Nutrition

Athens Nutrition provides a personalized nutrition service designed to help you eat well, lose weight, manage cholesterol and blood sugar and improve your overall health and well-being. Our recommendations are supported by mounting scientific research, replicating the eating patterns embraced by people living in the “Blue Zones”, countries where people live longer, healthier lives. But best of all, your meals will be delicious, easy and simple. We can modify your eating plan based on your taste preferences and lifestyle. Goodbye dieting. Goodbye carb cravings. Say hello to foods that are nourishing, delicious, easy to shop for and simple to prepare. After all, life is complicated. Eating well shouldn’t be.


Judy Matusky, RDN, LDN, owner and founder of Athens Nutrition, is a recognized registered and licensed dietitian who has motivated thousands of people to make better food choices. Judy is committed to providing personalized service, creating eating plans that work for your busy life. She is a culinary nutrition expert, spending much of her free time in the kitchen cooking and staying current with the latest nutritional research. She teaches cooking classes and writes a food, cooking and nutrition blog that features fast, delicious Mediterranean-style recipes, like the ones enjoyed by her Greek ancestors. She regularly travels to Mediterranean countries, studying food culture, cooking with local ingredients and observing eating behaviors that are essential for a longer, healthier life. Judy is an accomplished speaker. Her easy-going, empathetic style energizes audiences and convinces them they can lose weight and live healthier. She translates confusing and complicated nutrition research into practical advise in how to make simpler, more informed food choices. As a registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist, Judy is ethically bound to provide accurate, medically-sound, up-to-date nutrition advice and does not accept financial compensation from food or dietary supplement companies making her advice unbiased, credible and always in your best interest.

Gretchen Skwer, RDN, LDN turned her passion into her career. Both fitness and nutrition play important roles in her life and she strives to share her knowledge with others. As a registered dietitian, Gretchen has worked one-on-one with clients, presented programs to community and corporate groups and has motivated individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals. As an AAAI certified personal trainer, avid exerciser and runner, she also emphasizes the importance of physical activity to achieve optimal health.  Gretchen believes that food should nourish our bodies and souls and strives to help others achieve a positive change in their eating, exercise and health behaviors.